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Bitmetatron Revolution of Digital Finance

Bitmetatron team, from the deep web, is well aware of the global financial crisis in 2020, will lead to the awakening of many civilians. Global finance is a money game (where the government prints money, ausing inflation and everyone are suffered). Many civilians have realized of the problem, but do not know what to do with it. Civilians need spiritual leaders to lead and an opportunity to stand up.
Bitmetatron team, using the sacred geometric meaning of the Metatron cube (hereinafter referred to as Metatron) to evoke the hidden memories of the civilian, through three chapters of Metatron, six monetizing plan and nine system, we're about to disrupt the digital finance.

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The background
of the financial crisis

Bitmetatron Revolution of Digital Finance

New economic policy

In 1971, former US President Nixon announced the implementation of the "New Economic Policy", the US dollar was decoupled from gold. The United States would no longer exchange gold with any other country, and the dollar would no longer need sufficient reserves of gold.

Financial crisis

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, central banks in the United States, Europe and Japan pumped money into markets by buying assets such as bonds, swelling their total assets to $14.3 trillion, 3.6 times what they were a decade ago.

Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has seen the world printing money to support the market, which caused hyperinflation and created a super-bubble. The unprecedented scale of US government debt and the US Federal Reserve printing money, coupled with the rising global debt level, we are expected to have the next 10 years of the most difficult period for the market in our lifetime.

Your asset are depreciating even if you are not affected by the pandemic crisis.

The world is full
of lies

We’re going after the truth

The world is full
of chaos

We must hold onto our faith
Bitmetatron Revolution of Digital Finance

What is Bitmetatron (Metatron Cube)?

The Metatron cube is a geometric deformation of the "Fruit of Life" symbol, which in turn derives from the flower of life, a powerful sacred geometric symbol. Divine geometry is the premise of mathematics, the basis of physical laws, and even the morphological structure behind the material world, which is the code of the universe.

Metatron's cube contains all the regular polyhedron, referred to as Plato polyhedron, Plato polyhedron are perfect in form, because each side has equal length, equal areas and equal angles. The five types of Platonic polyhedron are regular tetrahedron (fire), regular hexahedron (earth), regular octahedron (wind), regular icosahedron (water), regular dodecahedron (Ether). Through the Metatron Cube, we can understand the very roots of everything, understand the origin of the world.


Introduction of Bitmetatron
Energy DApp


6 days of Energy Expansion:

Convert the energy matrix on the first day, return 21% of the energy on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. In 6 days, a total of 105% of the energy was returned, and the total energy was expanded by 5%.

Ex. A 25%/mon

Option of 1*USDT 300 for energy matrix to be in loopMonthly Earning 25% (6 days for one cycle, 30 days for five cycles, Get USDT 15 in one cycle, USDT 75 in five cycles, USDT 75 / USDT 300 = 0.25 x 100% = 25%). Total profit for 1 month 75 USDT (25% from 300 USDT)

Ex. B 45%/mon

Option of 3*USDT 300 for energy matrix to be in loop, Month Earning 45%. Daily of USDT 300 energy matrix, the 4th day, there is enough energy to continuously automatically convert USDT 300 energy matrix per day. Total profit for 1 month 405 USDT (45% from 900 USDT)

The daily automatic conversion energy matrix is optional, with a maximum conversion of USDT 9000 per day. If the energy ground is insufficie nt, the automatic conversion will fails. It will be automatically converted on the same day again when the energy ground is sufficient.


Convert USDT 300 energy matrix and return USDT 63 (21% of energy matrix) per day for 5 days.

On the 6th day, you’ll get USDT 315 in total. It is optional to automatically convert USDT 300 energy matrix when the remaining energy is greater than USDT 300 (after daily energy settlement).

Bitmetatron Energy DApp

Chapter 1 : Time to Awake

A decentralized application based on TRON, which can be accessed by using TRON wallet and DApp browser. It can be accessed by mobile phone (preferably) or computer.

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Chapter 1

Time to Awake

Bitmetatron Energy DApp

Bitmetatron USDT (BTC/ETH/LINK) Bot

Bitmetatron Quantitative Trading Bot

Chapter 2

Miracle Creations

Bitmetatron Coin ICO

Bitmetatron MLM with Smart Contract

Bitmetatron Consensus Energy Value Trading Exchange

Chapter 3

Time to Awake

Bitmetatron Payment GateWay

Bitmetatron Consensus Energy Public Chain

Bitmetatron Finance Services